A New Avicii Album Will Be Released This Year

An unpublished music album by Avicii will be released this year, according to a new rumor.

The swedish magazine Aftonbladet was informed that the recently deceased Avicii had a considerable amount of finished items ready to be released before his tragic death at the age of 28 last month.

Now, Neil Jacobson, president of the former label of Avicii, Geffen Records, revealed that the company has been in talks with the producer's family and it seems that they have approved the launch.

It is reported that Avicii had the intention to work with many other artists as part of the album and it is possible that a review was made for the quality of those artists has not yet achieved on the album .

No more details available for now, and no release date has been enabled.

Avicii was found dead in his hotel room in Oman last month (April 20), and his family released a statement that implied that he had taken his own life. He lived 28 years.

Since then, the tributes to Avicii have come from other DJs, friends and fans with [i] Nile Rodgers [/ i] saying that he was a producer of "one of the best, if not the best "with whom he has worked.
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