WorldofHouse Premium
Want to enjoy WorldofHouse's full potential?
If you want to have all the benefits, comforts and enjoy 100% of the full potential of WoH, hire our "Premium" service.

WorldofHouse Premium is all advantages:

- Stop waiting for the website to reload with the AJAX system, which allows surfing the website without stopping your player!
- FULL removal of advertisements!!
- Tired of the SET queue? Premium user don't wait!
- Enjoy the STREAMINGS and the KEYWORDS without having to enter into the details, much faster!
- Exclusive designs and shortcuts only for PREMIUM USERS!
- Ability to listen to the top 10 of the producers from their artist’s info and from 25WoH
- And much MORE you will find out!!!

What are you waiting? All this only by 1.40 euros per month! Yes, less than what it would cost a gum each day!


You're not logged in with your username and password. To hire a WoH Premium service is necessary to have an active account. If you do not have one you can register in WorldofHouse for free HERE.